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São Paulo, August 2008.

Dear Mr. Caio and Pascoal
I have just got back from Japan.
Over there, and I already left with that whim, I told everybody the reason of my trip. I wished to celebrate my award with everyone. I was there because my art had been recognized. My happiness was enormous.
Before leaving I decided to make miniatures of my work and take them with me. I thought that would help my intention.
Newly arrived, after a few days in Japan, I established the following presentation script: straight away I would say I was Brazilian, I showed the green and yellow ribbon, the pin, symbol of the commemorations of the Centenary of Japanese Immigration in Brazil, both tied to my handbag, then, quickly, I would pull out the Diploma of my award (already translated), I would speak about ANA’s – All Nippon Airways – air ticket, and at the pinnacle of the surprise of my listeners, delicately, to lessen the suspense, three miniatures of my work would appear from a “small bag”, which was always and invariably with me.
The attention given by my listeners surprised me. I was always met in my effort to tell my story. The dialogue that would be established transcended the origin of each one of us, it went beyond words, as in such area, we had little in common. Then, even without knowing Japanese, I became confident, soon a sense of cosiness invaded me like if I were in my own home. Everyone was very kind, warm, generous, loving and solicitous… I was able to let myself be taken by my soul’s winds, and as it happened, I was happy.
I was there because my work in ceramics had been recognized. Ceramics took me and it would welcome me back to Brazil. As soon as I got back, also as part of the Centenary commemorations, works of mine would be on show at the Banco Real together with great ceramists, at the “Japan In Each One Of Us” exhibition.
My happiness still is enormous. I want to go on celebrating.
Thus, I decided to go public to thank for the opportunity that I had of making an unexpected dazzling trip.
I visited Japan.
I was not a simple tourist, but a human being willing and open to share and commune an experienced that will always be a bright spot in my existence…So strong that it even seems to have been a reverie.
I must emphasize how much I was impressed by ANA – All Nippon Airways, spacious plane, plenty food to please all tastes, loads of drinks, access to fruit and snacks during all the flight, nothing less than 15 hours long, where hygiene is a point of honour. And without mentioning the stewardesses, impeccably and elegantly dressed, always smiling, ready to serve us at the slightest gesture of a passenger.
On the way to Japan, I did not know I was already in Japanese soil as soon as I boarded that plane; however, on the way back I understood ANA’s excellence, All Nippon Airways is genuinely Japanese.

Nadia Saad

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