Thank you letter to the Koguei Art Committee

São Paulo, 2nd November 2006

Dear Ms.
Hisako Kawakami,
President of the Koguei Art Committee
Dear Sirs.
I congratulate everybody for the great social-cultural event– 10th Brazil-Japan Craft Art, art that joins what is useful to what is beautiful; and, specially, I thank for the Great Prize awarded to me. It was a great honour to receive it.
I wish to stress the importance of this moment, as a part from following each one’s look, I was able to, very happily, sate the curiosity that my work brings to mind in each being. The chance of interacting with the public, sharing my ideas and experiences was thrilling.
However, taken over by that excitement, I missed the opportunity of thanking everybody personally. I could do it on the 10th November, last day of the exhibition, though, on that day, I will be in São Félix, Bahia, for the opening of the Recôncavo Baiano Biennial, where I had a piece of work chosen.
Thanks once again, taking advantage to correct my mistake and, at the same time, I express my honour and happiness that they gave me to accept the invitation for a visit to my studio. I am at their full disposal to provide transport and all the facilities necessary.

Yours sincerely
Nadia Saad

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