Thank You Letter

To the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture, Organizing Committee of Fine Arts and Craft Art of Bunkyo’s Great Art Exhibition, carried out by the Committee of Fine Arts and Craft Art of Bunkyo, represented by its President Yutaka Toyota
First, I wish to thank the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture and all the Committee of Fine Arts and Craft Art, embodied in its president Yutaka Toyota, for the award given to me at Bunkyo’s Great Art Exhibition, this year when the commemoration begins of the centenary of Japanese immigration, of those that came with courage, work and loyalty to conquer new horizons in Brazil, which open heartily received so many nationalities. This bestows a unique greatness to this award. I also thank the sponsors and those that backed this Great Exhibition because, with no incentive to culture, it is not possible to create a great Nation.
Who performs art is an um agent of faith, as he/she materializes what he/she does not see, because he/she believes it is there. This event allied to the patient look of the committee reaffirms, in some way, this faith inherent to the artist, conferring it some sense.
That is why, on behalf of all of us, chosen and also those who were not, I take the liberty of thanking the generosity of this especial experience. I daresay that for those who heard or did not, the sense is much more powerful, as the negative shuts up deeper in our being.
I have the habit of saying that I perform ceramics in the same way I live my life, I put everything I find along the way into my work, including my soul, and I await the action of time and fire. Therefore, this award justifies all those lonely hours in my studio and even the loneliness inherent to life, because the objects, created in an act of faith, were capable of changing such select observers.
My teachers, Naoko and Megume Iwasa, say that who performs art is asking about his/hers origins, seeking for the sense of life. I wish to talk about my origins in ceramics. Back then, at the time of SESC Pompéia, in a turnery course, at Célia Cymbalista’s (my ceramics mother) studio, as a pupil, and later as her assistant, Japanese ceramics already fascinated me enormously. The techniques, discipline, firings, millenary tradition …Proof of such is in my reference bibliography …Only books on Japanese ceramics!
As time went by and performing ceramic, I slowly realized that the execution process was more important (and more fun). The final objective became like a background. Look now, Naoko and Megume, with this award I am going to Japan, to drink from the fountain of my inspiration in ceramics. Thus, my dear Teachers “Time does not exist for a fact! What comes first: inspiration or this award? Is it not interesting? Where is the beginning of everything? What is the origin of everything? And which is the sense of this life?”
Thank you very much.

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