Julinho´s hello

Nadia dear!

This is Julinho, Lu’s boyfriend!  I’ve decided to send you this message and surprise you:

First:  I’m super glad to be able to share such pleasurable moments with you, who is a won-der-ful person, full of life, intelligent… and I could go on praising you ‘till the end of this message (he he he). And I wouldn’t be simply throwing words to the wind, I really mean them.  You inspire me in such a powerful manner:  I love to see you exhibiting an envious physical form and disposition, dancing the “samba” after a rally that has lasted for “only” four hours… I love hearing that you have lots of boyfriends and a six-year long relationship with one of them, less because of the quantity of lovers but more so for the pleasure of seeing your craving  for life.  It enchants me and especially at such a sensitive moment of my life, it really motivates me. So, more than a praise, this is an expression of thanks for helping me, in this way, with my transformation process.  I joke that I was a man and now am letting the big man in me come to the surface (he he he).  A little like the change from a caterpillar into a butterfly… he he he.

Second: I loved your work as a ceramist.  I’m not good at talking about things I don’t quite understand, nor am I good at talking about feelings that are not clear.  I prefer to keep them to myself for a while, distilling them until I understand them.  That’s why I didn’t give you a feedback on the day I saw your work.  I fear the words, you know?  Maybe this is a silly exaggeration from a journalist whose craft is the care with words. So, there it goes now:  the way you construct a dark piece of work in an environment which is light, white, so clear, called my attention. It is as if you came out of rationality (the world of ideas) and went into the essence: an ancestral stew, which is a little Africa, a little earth, a little instinct, a material almost from the unconscious.  It fascinates me. The story of Nasa’s inspirations also called my attention because you start from that which is, supposedly, futuristic and construct something that is “primitive”; motifs that remind us of rupestrian inscriptions, a trip in which time (past, present and future) mix themselves gaining a new dimension.  It’s an XPTO constellation close to Mars, which rather reminds us of the eroded soil of the Northeast or of the Sahara dunes, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that your pieces of work make an allusion to the space from where we have all come from.  Inevitably, I traveled in my time and got connected with my Ancestrality, in search of what has happened, so as to shape my own clay.  In other words:  searching, in my own history, for the elements that must be relived, remodeled and, more than anything else, accepted as part of the beauty of my humanity. All of that, once more, Nádia, came from your inspiring source.

PS:  I was very much surprised with the quality of your work and, certainly, very shortly, I’m going to become one of your clients.  There are a few pieces that are my favorite and I want to have them for myself.  Later on, we should arrange my visit to your studio so I can go shopping, OK?

A big warm hug from Julinho.

I hope we can have a few “caipirinhas” together very soon.

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