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…Your welcome…
It is a pleasure and my natural being in the world, to talk about seeing!
Above all, it is not always that I can be with the people I like. I am waiting for the film and mainly the opportunity of seeing the future of your work, which in fact touched me in the directions of what I told you. And I apologize for not having gone to the dinner with you:  I shall always lose with that.
After we talked, something came to mind about your question of “why drawing”: because to draw is to think. And everything that thinks, feels and what feels, thinks. But this thinking through drawing is not to think, because to think is, above all, a way of interior harmony. The matter of this world requires that the shape be placed in the space according to the dimensions of time and I strongly believe that drawing is the most powerful digging tool of the human psyche as what represents for it in a minute drop in time of its existence. For me the chromatism of the iron oxides in your ceramics is lovely, because we are in the steel era. And art is merciless! Stainless steel, as incredible as it may be, is a material of the present. Then to see the amalgam of two dimensions of time always is instigating. But stainless steel has nothing to do with the heat of raku kilns. At last, ceramics has a disappearance of contemporary production and I have asked myself why. It would be very shallow to say that it an outdated material, but in any case it would be enthralling not to provoke you on the relation of what you do and today’s sculpture. Incidentally, today I heard about Ana Maria Tavares’ forbidden mantra. She is another artist that you should see.
Hugs for you too Nadia and so long.


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