Article of Estado de S. Paulo – Clay as therapy

Monday, 5th October 2009, 6:13 p.m.

For the ceramist Nadia Saad, as well as a masterpiece, material is therapeutic

For the artist Nadia Saad, ‘welcomes everything, but does not put up with discourtesy and imposes respect'

A trained psychologist, the ceramist Nadia Saad is completely involved with the material that shapes her works: clay. That malleable dough is present in her daily routine and it is with reverence that she describes how she discovered the art of ceramics at college, as she saw in it a therapy alternative for her patients at the time. She became to enjoy it and did not look back. “Clay welcomes everything, but does not put up with discourtesy and imposes respect. At the beginning, it can be kneaded, folded. But the time comes when it has had enough and cracks,” she deliberates. “My fascination for the raw-material became so great, that little by little, I was captivated,” she admits. As good psychologist she continues relating clay and life. “Clay taught me about limits and how to deal with frustrations. Often I expect something from a piece and, when I take it out of the kiln, I see it has nothing to do with it. And, however, someone else can think it beautiful.” With over 20 years dedicated to the art of ceramics, Nadia says that, at the beginning, she used to carry out her experiments very limited by the techniques, especially Japanese influences. “Little by little, I freed myself,” she confesses. Nadia says that, at the beginning, her studio was only the garage at her house, in Vila Mariana. And, even then, she shared it with three friends. “Other people came, until everyone went away and I was the only one that kept going. I started to participate of exhibitions and ceramics stopped being a hobby.” By then, the studio, called Matéria da Terra (“Material from the Earth”), already had taken over the house, with tools and kilns in the garage and showroom in the other rooms. Her first pieces were every day products, sold at bazaars. Currently, Nadia creates sculptures inspired in planets. “At first, people thought they were flowers, but it really was Saturn with its rings,” recalls the artist. The ceramic spheres are the main principal theme of her work, beside plates and bottles. Most of her sculptures present a mixture of shades, which aspect alludes to granites and marbles veins. Nadia explains that they are different coloured clays, kneaded and turned together with a lathe, resulting in this striated effect, which characterizing her artistic production.

Yara Guerchenzon,
O Estado de S. Paulo


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