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Banco Central Cultural Space presents, between the 3rd and 20th October, the “Ponto de Mutação” (“Mutation Point”) exhibition, with works by Nadia Saad.
For nearly a quarter of a century, the artist has found in ceramics a way to express her creativity, experience, and outlook on life.
She began her formation at SESC (Trade Social Service) Pompéia and was Célia Cymbalista’s student and assistant. She learnt to preparer glazes with Jacy Takai and studied Design with Sérgio Fingermann, Dalton de Luca, and Dudi Maia Rosa.
The courses with Megume and Naoko Iwasa evolved into periodical meetings on art, ceramics, and life.
She received the Great Award at the Bunkyo Art Great Exhibition in 2007, at the Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture, as well as the 1st Prize at the 10th Bunkyo Art Craft Show and 1st Place at the 1st “Brincando com Fogo” (“Playing with Fire”) Art Show, at the Presence Cultural Space of Latin America.
Held the “Do Universo à Terra na Arte do Barro” (“From the Universe to Earth in the Art of Clay”) individual exhibition, at the Bell’Art Bookstore, and took part in collective exhibitions at the Legislative Assembly in São Paulo, at Curitiba’s Ceramics National Show and at the VIII Biennial of the Recôncavo.
Ponto de Mutação gathers together illuminated objects that stimulate curiosity and invite to discover a niche until then invisible and untouchable, so to make ideas and senses tangible. It also brings spheres loaded with the positive energy of the hands that created them and the magic of the kiln’s opening moment. Special Objects create an atmosphere that takes us back to the creation of the Universe, geological formations, with objects gathered and selected to tell their story and origin.
Nadia Saad reveals herself in her works. Knowing her works allows us to see her identity with the technique, her pleasure in creating, researching materials and processes; building her way as an artist.
Ponto de Mutação is to see and feel the intensity of the deep poetic language present in Nadia Saad’s works. Revealing and transforming. Amazing!
Luiz Tadeu Florentino            Marinês Takano

Banco Central Cultural Space
Opening: 3rd October 2008, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Exhibition: between 4th and 20th October 2008, from Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Av. Paulista, 1.804 – Ground Floor
Phone: (11) 3491-6916 / 3491-7847

Espaço Cultural Banco Central

Abertura: 3 de outubro de 2008, das 18h às 22h

Exposição: 4 a 20 de outubro de 2008, de segunda-feira a sexta-feira, das 10h às 16h

Local: Av. Paulista, 1.804 – Térreo

Telefone: (11) 3491-6916 / 3491-7847

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