Something that explains me dear Megume and Naoko

Dear Megume and Naoko,

I’ve already reached a diagnosis for myself.
Something that explains me.
I have a pressing urge to live.
How strong it is, and it ends up instilling an unusual rhythm into my life.
It can be mistaken for many other psychiatric diagnoses,
unwitting ones, in this case, if used.
Anxiety, acceleration, irritability, polarity, etc., etc….
No. Life simply urges within me.
Intense… Strong…Vibrant in its colors… Adrenergic… Simply, as if
it were slight and easily administered, life makes its glamorous summoning. And I follow it…

But why has such an urge been studded onto me?
Could it be the result of a time immemorial feminine (tied up) in its veils?
Could it be that the favorable astral conjugation, the steady and certain encounters, strongly flowed into me, when I had the chance of using those veils, once imprisoning, not as defense or prison, but as veils that protect me,
And which, one by one, undress me before whoever I wish to, and reveal myself in my most intimate essence?
Is that the origin of such an urge to live life?
Ancestrality compulsorily compelling me to life, to pleasure, to the joys that mix themselves in our tedious daily routine, many times,
but that because of faith I go in search of, for I always find them, and
unexpectedly, where I did not even imagine they’d be, and precisely then, the fortune of feeling complete, replete with joy, inspiringly walking a few centimeters from the soil, where life earns new colors, another dimension … it’s beautiful!

Nadia Saad

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