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Nadia Saad: Anxious spirit artist proposes to search the unknown for possibilities of existence. Art was the way chosen to configure it.
After setting up her own studio, she broadened her technique, gained freedom, and created her own “universe” in sculpture. Her planets and large spheres grew. The size of the kilns was no longer enough. Thus, she went looking for a larger kiln. And in Pará de Minas, MG, she found Parapuan – Indústria de Tubos Cerâmicos (Industry of Ceramic Tubes). Surprisingly for any ceramic sculptor, the plant has 15 kilns of various shapes and sizes; the largest of which “can be transformed into a party room with piano and orchestra.”
At Parapuan industry, she first saw the clevises (ceramic tubes), amazement, bewilderment, and desire. In the eagerness of working “she transported the spheres’ language to the clevises.” They had an inside and an outside, light and darkness and circularity was also included. In spite of attractive, the results did not satisfy her. In the art of creating objects, and no dialogue with the matter, Nadia soon realized that clevises lead to a symbolism that translate another subjective combination of feelings and thoughts, at the same time that they can be associated with shapes that exist in nature.
Her creativity was harboured by the technical facilities that the plant offered. She begun to create objects with defined shape and function, directed to architecture and decoration. Not only Nadia, but the employees – little by little – started to get involved with the work. It was the possibility of taking part in art exhibitions that the partnership with the company became reality through the “Parapuan Project– Art in Industry.”
That involvement of “Art in Industry” is producing a very interesting batch of products, which can carry water, put up with the elements, light, such as the prototypes already developed.
Text compiled and edited by Matheus da Costa.

The Search for that creation

When Nadia went searching for a larger kiln, she did not imagine that she would end up making design objects, and even less that the work would “blossom” into a Social Inclusion Project.
In contact with Parapuan’s employees, she realized that the work opened horizons, sharpened the people’s creativity, making it possible for the raw materials and production means to gain a new meaning. “The clevises became communicating tubes” and “Stopped being a weight to be carried and begun carrying the dreams of each and every one of us”.
Nadia Saad understands the project as a social mobilization, in its employees’ presence and routine.
She always quotes a poem by Yoko Ono, which John Lennon and Raul Seixas sang:
“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
“A dream you dream together is reality.”

Text compiled and edited by Matheus da Costa.

Summarized Résumé

Born on 24/APR/1957.
Been a “Paulistana” for over 48 years.
Been a ceramist for over 20 years.


-Casa do Olhar, SP
“Encounters” August 27, 2009 – collective exhibition
-Cultural-Historical Center-Antônio Klinger Son (DMAE), RS
“Water” – August 12, 2009 – collective exhibition.
-Pinacoteca of the FEEVALE, RS
“Ceramic Passport” – The identity of Clay” Marcch 7 , 2009 -

Collective Exhibition
-Central Bank Sao Paulo, SP
“Best of 2008″ – December 16, 2008-collective exhibition;
Awarded honorable mention
Works: Cosmic Explosion, cosmic expansion, Great Flaming sphere;
-Museo Alfredo Andersen, PR
“2nd National Congress Hall and 3 ceramic, Curitiba, PR”:
Awarded honorable mention,
Facilities: expanding Cosmogonic antithesis (series 1); Expansion Cosmogonic antithesis (series 2)
-Central Bank Sao Paulo, SP
“Mutation” – October 2, 2008-one-man show;
-Banco Real, São Paulo, SP
“The Japan In Each one of us”-may 2008, together: porcelain Filigranas series 2;
-Brazilian Association of Japanese Culture – Bunkyo -  São Paulo, SP
“35 Salon Bunkyo contemporary art”-October 2007:
Awarded the 1st prize, gold medal, (journey to Japan), for lifetime achievement,
Sets: Metamorphic Esferologia chawan; Filigranas porcelain Several Colors;
-Brazilian Association of Japanese Culture – Bunkyo 10th Art Craft Salon 2006
Awarded with the 1st prize for the three sets submitted:  Discs with holes; … as stones fallen from the sky; So as to see both sides of the sphere;
-VIII Biennial of  “Recôncavo”,  November 2006
Piece:  Ephemeral World; – National Ceramics Salon of Curitiba, 2006 – Sets: Broken Hearts and Same Genesis, a family;
- I Art Salon “Playing with Fire”: Cultural Hall “Presence in Latin America”
Awarded with the 1st prize for the piece entitled Supernova;  – Individual Exhibit “From the Universe to Earth in Clay Art” – Bell’Art Bookstore –
Santo André – São Paulo;  – Participation (for 3 consecutive years) in the Artist and Artisan Exhibit of the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo.

Seeking education:

- Courses taken at SESC  Pompéia – SP
- Pupil of Célia Cymbalista during two years and her assistant for another two years.
- Course on enamel preparation with Jacy Takai
- Practical and theoretical classes with Megume and Naoko Iwasa, which evolved into periodical meetings to discuss art, ceramics and life.
- Drawing classes with Sergio Fingermann, Dalton de Luca and  Dudi Maia Rosa.
- Course on text and image editing, with several papers published.

Graduated in Psychology in 1983.
Regularly participates in Rallies.
World Traveler.

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